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2016 A Year to Remember!

CONWAY has had a year to remember, from playing the big halls like, The LSPU, Holy Heart Theatre, The Delta Ballroom and some of the best outdoor festivals to the intimate rooms and stages where, even without the bright lights, microphones and speakers it felt like we were on a huge stage. Whether it was inside or outside, big hall or small room, it was the friendly people and the great organizers that made this year what it has been.

This year would not have been much fun without you, the person reading this and following our musical career, either on social media, television or attending our live shows. We currently see you at our shows and hear from you through email and social media and we know you as friends, relatives and supporters and it is our goal to be worthy of your support by creating and performing the music you like to hear.

We've been blessed with some incredibly talented friends in Julia Bryant (piano) and Darcy Scott (percussion) who have been helping us out with amazing accompaniment. Amazing musicians and singers in their own right, they have chosen to help us out while also pursuing their own musical paths. We are the luckiest people around to have the good fortune to have the opportunity to perform with these very professional musicians.

We have some great opportunities in front of us and we are taking our time sifting through them and in order to do this process justice we have only booked limited public performances until after the New Year. Our first album is nearly complete and we will be posting updates here as each new item becomes available to share with you. We want to let each and every one of you know that we appreciate everything you've done for us in 2016 and we look forward to seeing you all again real soon.


Emily & Thomas

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